WebCup Mauritius 2015

The WebCup Mauritius 2015 competition happened during the weekend of 23/24 May 2015. I did not attend the event but I had a look at some of the websites created during the competition. I shared my opinion on the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list.… Read more ➡

World Telecommunication & Information Society Day 2015

I attended a workshop by the National Computer Board on the theme “Telecommunications and ICTs: Drivers of innovation”. I represented the Linux User Group of Mauritius. Though the workshop was scheduled to start at 09h30. I reached a little before nine.… Read more ➡

Fiber To The Home: The Town vs The Village

In a recent press conference, Orange Mauritius announced its plan for accelerating FTTH deployment. Accelerate? The word is inappropriate. Let’s see why. I went on MyT La Fibre website to see by when will FTTH be available in my region.… Read more ➡

doha.ac.mu allowing download of copyrighted ebooks

I came across some copyrighted materials on the website of doha.ac.mu. I was surprised to see copyrighted ebooks on computing lurking under the web address of an educational institution (based on the .ac.mu domain). It is a severe breach of law to share copyrighted materials without permission and I would not expect such an action from a school/university

I clicked on the links and the full ebooks are actually shared.… Read more ➡

Internet filtering in Mauritius

Every other common Internet user in Mauritius to whom I asked whether he/she knew our Internet traffic is filtered by the ICT Authority, they replied NO! Some people have reacted with an outrage while others took it casually, like the Authority can do what it wants anyway.… Read more ➡

qualitevolaille.mu hacked again!

Last night I posted about erp.eruption.mu being compromised and this morning it’s qualitevolaille.mu that appears to have been defaced.


ISIS defaces Mauritian website

On April 7, 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA, released an advisory alerting webmasters how individuals supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (ISIS) are exploiting websites running on “unpatched” WordPress. However, the attacks are not limited to WordPress.… Read more ➡

Vim syntax highlighting by default

Vim is an advanced text editor that enhances and is built upon the popular Unix editor “vi”. Vim is a short form for VI-improved, as in VImproved.

Syntax highlighting is efficiently integrated in Vim and one may tap into that power by visiting the full syntax documentation page.… Read more ➡

Is Mauritius ready for Research & Development?

First of all I should thank Vincent for the article from ICT.io about a meeting regarding “improving connectivity and bandwidth”.

As it happens, IT folks of the country only become aware of major discussions about the future of ICT in Mauritius through press or through the good work of people like Vincent :-)

Okay, let’s get back to the highlight of the topic.… Read more ➡

National Commercial Bank runs on Wix

I received an email on the Mauritius Internet Users ML regarding the “privacy policy” of the National Commercial Bank’s website. The email made reference to a press article mentioning that the National Commercial Bank “Internet Banking” facility is now operational.

Consequently, I went on the website to check the privacy policy.… Read more ➡

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