A few weeks ago Jochen told us about a possible visit at the Emtel Data Centre in Arsenal and asked who wants to join. Naturally, I said yes, like several folks from MSCC did. I’ve hosted lots of personal stuffs in Data Centres around the world but I’ve never visited one. This should be a… Read More

A Sunday not like others. Remember earlier I wrote that on Sundays I usually spend my lazy time studying new stuffs. I don’t go out, just stay at home and find something that may keep my mind busy. Yesterday morning, as it was Sunday, I woke up late, all lazy, switched on my laptop while… Read More

The first thing I usually do after booting my Linux machine is to fire up terminal and keep it there. Every now and then I might be looking for something, do a quick tweak or even write into a text file, it’s handy with the terminal. One of my favorite terminal emulator is Terminator. It’s… Read More

Fellow Mauritians, It looks like several groups campaigning against the biometric identity card have gained momentum recently. This is a positive thing. In-line with the protest, this Wednesday 23rd July 2014, folks from Lalit are going to the ID Conversion Centre at Registrar General, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Sir S. Ramgoolam Street, Port-Louis. The is a… Read More

It’s only when I got in touch with several artists within the No To Biometric ID Card group that I realized, hey there is a whole different world out there. I usually hang out with my geek folks where we talk all about tech happenings & might discuss of the next big thing. Meeting artists… Read More

Another Saturday booked with ideas brainstorming. During the week Jochen pinged me about a possible meeting to discuss upcoming events as being organized by Government institutions. Yeah, of course, we’re always in to help making things better. This morning the meetup was scheduled as 11h00 at MOKA’Z. Never been there before but I heard it’s… Read More

Earlier today, Logan posted on Mauritius Internet Users discussion list about LibreSSL availability for non-OpenBSD platforms. I had a look at the LibreSSL homepage and definitely you cannot miss the winking LibreSSL Portable notice. I downloaded the source & compiled it on my Ubuntu 14.04 64bit machine. All went well, fired up terminal to check… Read More

A lot of people who know me will be familiar with this word, ping. I use it in most of my conversations. It has become so casual that some times I shoot it without realising that the person in front might be left wondering “what’s a ping?”. When I started work as a sysadmin this… Read More

Folks who use messaging services based on Microsoft Exchange will be familiar with Outlook Web Access, in short called OWA. While I don’t mind companies using the default options, I strongly believe default options aren’t wise for the Government (^^,) … Yup! The highly secured infrastructure that is supposed to guard our biometric data actually… Read More

Back in 2012 the Mauritian e-Government Portal was launched. Media along with many IT professionals criticized the website that had a whopping price-tag: Rs 50M. We were told the cost was high because aging servers needed to be replaced & there were also license costs for various proprietary software. One of them was Microsoft Sharepoint,… Read More