Code & Coffee

After a very long time I have been able to attend Code & Coffee this morning. Hmm, morning? Huh. Let’s see. I woke up at 08h30 & could only reach Vida e Café at Bagatelle around 11h00. Yeah! JoKi had to call me up to check if I’m on way.… Read more ➡

JEM Kids 2014

When Saamiyah told me about this event being organized by Les Jeunes Étudiants Musulmans (JEM) for needy children I thought maybe I could help in some way. In fact, Saamiyah helped us at LUGM on several events even while she wasn’t even a member.… Read more ➡

C’est quoi un Raspberry Pi?

C’est la question qu’on m’a posé sur facebook aujourd’hui quand j’ai posté quelques photos d’un Raspberry Pi en action.

RPi-logoUn Raspberry Pi ou tout simplement RPi, est un miniscule ordinateur à la taille d’une carte bancaire. Il suffit de faire la connexion avec un écran HDMI, une entrée réseau, clavier / souris USB et on a un ordi à notre disposition.… Read more ➡

Warning: New spyware on facebook

facebook-spam-msgA message popped a couple of times on facebook today from the same person. I don’t usually chat with this person and the language sounded like the spam messages sent to ‘strangers’. What caught me into investigating it further is the ability for the ‘bot’ to use my profile picture in the message tempting me to believe some video of mine is published somewhere.… Read more ➡

Let’s rock with MariaDB and MySQL

A few weeks ago, Ronny the old guy of Linux User Group (Mauritius) who also happens to be the president announced a possible visit of Joffrey Michaie. I hadn’t met Joffrey before but I did hear a lot about him during my early days as a sysadmin.… Read more ➡

Mauritian Government Portal #joke

A wise man once told me, do one thing & do it well. However, wise folks in the Government are doing many things & doing them bad.

Remember some time ago I published about a Sharepoint configuration blunder on the Mauritian Government Portal, you may still watch the video here thanks to folks from the NoTo Biometricks platform.… Read more ➡

Geany, getting dark themes

If you’re a Geany user out there you must agree you’d expect the geany-pack to come with some dark themes by default. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, well at least not from the Ubuntu repository. Staring at codes for long hours with a white screen isn’t comfortable neither healthy.… Read more ➡

Screencast with FFmpeg

One of the best things with the Linux command line is that you happen to find a utility for almost everything you’d ever want to do with your computer. Last year I was looking for a screencast software supporting Linux. I found a couple few but upon trying I didn’t like them.… Read more ➡

Face recognition CCTV Cameras in Quatre Bornes, Beau-Bassin and Rose-Hill

A few weeks ago I came across a spooky information that the Mauritian Government has ordered 304 CCTV cameras with face recognition and Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) capabilities. These cameras are intended to be used in regions of Quatre Bornes, Beau-Bassin and Rose-Hill.… Read more ➡

Random musings, cost of smile

That was a dream. A long dream that lasted years. Six to be precise. It started with a lie & ended with one. For the whole of time I was mesmerized into it, submerged into believing everything I was told, everything I was made to feel.… Read more ➡

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