Software Freedom Day

web-banner-chat-participatingYup! Let me start this post with Software Freedom Day. Actually, I forgot about it until this morning when I saw an email from the Free Software Foundation. The Software Freedom Day is an annual celebration that aims at creating awareness about free software.… Read more ➡

Ubuntu Global Jam // Linuxfest 2014

ubuntu_global_jam_badge_v1The Ubuntu Global Jam (UGJ) – Mauritius happened today at the University of Mauritius. On the same occasion, as Ajay tossed earlier, we had a Linuxfest too. While I decided to put more of my energy in getting gears ready for the Ubuntu Jam, Ajay along with folks from the University of Mauritius Computer Club helped in to get things ready for the Linuxfest.… Read more ➡

Secure your GMAIL account

Yesterday a post on the Bitcoin Security forum (Russia) by user tvskit created panic worldwide. The user revealed a 28.7 MB file that contained a list of 5 million GMAIL account passwords.


tvskit’s post on

To make it easier for people to verify if their GMAIL account has been compromised Egor Buslanov who owns has set up a page that enables people query their address from tvskit’s list.… Read more ➡

In peace, justice and liberty

We are in a peaceful country, in justice yes I believe, as for liberty that’s what I am fighting for. When I first voiced out my concerns regarding the Government IT infrastructure a lot of people kinda discouraged me. They said no one speaks against a government, no one speaks against an authority.… Read more ➡

PMO’s trial account expired

When a friend posted on facebook that the Mauritian Government Portal ( is down, I couldn’t stop myself from checking. This is one moment when you are allowed some more naked-eye observation on the so-called highly-secured system.

Luckily customErrors mode was OFF, otherwise a lot more interesting information would be have been displayed.… Read more ➡

Talks on Entrepreneurship

As planned on, today was the monthly MSCC meetup happening at Ebène Accelerator. Though scheduled for 12h00, I actually went to Bagatelle earlier. Oh! Not I, but we, I met Saamiyah in the bus and we both were in fact going to somebody’s mini birthday bash.… Read more ➡

Raspberry Pi Lab at Nicolay Government School

Finally the moment arrived. Today was the inauguration of the Raspberry Pi lab at Nicolay Government School. Remember, weeks ago I wrote about this project that was initiated by JCI City Plus.

The past two days we went to the school & finished cabling stuffs.… Read more ➡

typo: flase #mnic

Everybody leaves typos while typing. However, typos while writing code end up in bugs. Bugs open doors to vulnerabilities.

When I talk about or, many people lash out that they are not connected to the MNIC database therefore irrelevant.… Read more ➡

The ON/OFF saga

livre-ouvertThe past few weeks have been rocked by a ridiculous political saga. On one hand we have the defenders of the PM’s private life who are the same people who mocked our civil liberties by compelling Mauritians to give fingerprints and biometric photo for a piece of identity; while on the other hand the opposition leader is trying to woo the PM for a political alliance.… Read more ➡

Code & Coffee

After a very long time I have been able to attend Code & Coffee this morning. Hmm, morning? Huh. Let’s see. I woke up at 08h30 & could only reach Vida e Café at Bagatelle around 11h00. Yeah! JoKi had to call me up to check if I’m on way.… Read more ➡

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