Developers Conference 2015… Day 2!!

Reached home tired a little while ago. Damn, that was yet another fun day at the Developers Conference. Not just with presentations but networking as well. I hopped around from prez to prez doing live tweeting. This morning in conference room 1 JoKi was busy with an AngularJs while in conference room 2 Stephane had house full for his presentation on Online Game Development.… Read more ➡

Developers Conference 2015 at Voilà Hotel, Day 1

Developers Conference 2015, the much awaited event kicked off today at Voilà Bagatelle. I picked up Shelly on the way this morning and reached some time before 09h00. A small group of people were having casual chit-chats at the hotel’s entrance.… Read more ➡

Increase phpMyAdmin upload size limit

Aww. It looks like in phpMyAdmin the default upload size is limited to 2Mb. Usually this should be fixed by adjusting the upload_max_filesize directive in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini if you’re on Ubuntu 14.04. Else, you could add the following in your .htaccess file:

php_value upload_max_filesize 10M
php_value post_max_size 10M

Replace 10M by the size you desire.… Read more ➡

More phishing files found on Mauritian webserver

A few days ago I wrote the following: flaw on Mauritian website reveals a possible phishing scam. The discussion then continued on the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list and S. Moonesamy alerted Orange about the vulnerability. Something like three days afterwards some of the files were removed.… Read more ➡

Hosting a website in Mauritius

Very often people ask me “Hey Ish, could you suggest me a good hosting?”. I would first hesitate because most of the local hosting providers aren’t actually running servers or hosting anything “in Mauritius”. When people contact a company registered in Mauritius and ask for a web host, most of them actually think the content is running locally.… Read more ➡

Slackware & Debian packaging

As announced on the Linux User Group of Mauritius mailing list, today there was a meetup about Slackware & Debian Packaging. I attended the same. I’m usually lazy on Saturdays and no wonder I reached the University of Mauritius late, where the meetup was scheduled.… Read more ➡

BAI, the insurance specialists…

On the 6th of April 2015, the BAI Co (Mauritius) Ltd, also called BAI Insurance, released a communiqué stating that following recent developments the Government has taken charge of the insurance policies under regular plans. These plans cover BAI A+ Education Plan, Personal Pension Plan, Top Hat Endowment Plan, Cash Back Money Plus Plan, Level & Decreasing Term Assurance, Wedding Plan, All-in-One Family Policy, Group Pension, Group Health, Group Life Assurance etc…

bai-insurance-mauritiusHowever, the “etc” doesn’t cover the much hyped Super Cash Back Gold plan.… Read more ➡

Another .mu website hacked

Yet another .mu website hacked. A while ago I came across a domain which displays a Hacked By Probiltar page.



The message is signed by “Khalifa Team Hacker”


I used Google Translate to read the message

The domain was registered in 2014 and there is no detail about the registrant.… Read more ➡

Are Mauritian websites secure?

wp-codeTwo days ago FBI made an announcement informing website owners of a serious web-defacement spree perpetrated by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (ISIS). These web-defacement tactics start by exploiting vulnerabilities in a popular blogging platform, WordPress. It’s not uncommon to find WordPress being used beyond just a blogging platform.… Read more ➡

What is Zlatan search?

While the football fans had nothing else to do, it appears that making a custom search engine for footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the best idea they could find. Damn! Yes, this is the Zlatan search :-)

Made in the likes of the Google search engine, Zlatan search, accessible through, is in fact a custom search on Google that answers all your queries with a Zlatan flavour.… Read more ➡

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