, no country redirect

Surfing the Internet using a My.T or Emtel (or some other local ISP) connection, and your homepage is you would most likely be redirected to In case, you are using a VPN google.ccTLD will be chosen according to your public IP.… Read more ➡

Hide your website applications version

The topic was raised in the Mauritius Internet Users mail list where Shelly asked about a non-technical method to identify applications on which a website is running. SM suggested her to try Wappalyzer browser extension. I use that too, since a long time.… Read more ➡

Skype enables click-to-call and makes default search provider

I recently wrote about whether toolbar is a malware. Discussions on Facebook and the Mauritius Internet Users mail list triggered how happens to be the 10th most visited website in Mauritius. One possible explanation is that toolbar is selected by default in partner applications like Oracle Java RE, Nero suite etc.… Read more ➡

openSUSE:42 – a new beginning

People usually ask what is the difference between openSUSE and SUSE? Some even ask how to pronounce it :-) Well, before it hits hard, you should pronounce it suze. SUSE is an enterprise class Linux distribution and it comes in two flavours:

– SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
– SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

openSUSE on the other hand is the community version.… Read more ➡

How to find on what applications a website is running?

Shelly asked the question some time back. She wanted to know how could a non-technical person find out on what software/applications is a particular website running on. The simplest answer would be using a browser extension. One such browser extension is Wappalyzer.… Read more ➡

Is the toolbar a malware?

Last week during discussions on the Mauritius Internet Users mail list about the toolbar to behave like malware, S. Moonesamy mentioned he installed the toolbar and when removed it remained enabled as an add-on in the browser.

I mentioned I would test on my end after downloading an evaluation copy of Microsoft Windows 8.1 :-)

I downloaded and installed Windows 8.1 in a virtual machine to carry my tests.… Read more ➡

Mauritians hit by MCB IB phishing again

Fellow blogger, Yasir Auleear, wrote today about a phishing email that he received. He shared the email header and we can see the message originated from and not

Image courtesy,

Image courtesy,

PAN is an abbreviation for Port Autonome de Nouadhibou as seen on the website.… Read more ➡

LinkDev developers could access your account

A few weeks ago while I attended a Telecom Workshop, I publicly reported several glitches that appear on the mobile version of the Mauritian Government Web Portal. I was told that I should report it to through the Government call-centre.… Read more ➡

Re-configure touchpad after KDE Plasma 5 installation in openSUSE

I installed KDE Plasma 5 on my openSUSE 13.2 machine. Aww. That looks quite sleek & I adore the classic menu. After a long time using both Gnome 3 (on various distros) and Unity, I am appreciating a vanilla KDE desktop.… Read more ➡

Fine tune your search with Google search operators

Google is used by many to look for information on the Internet. The most basic search method is typing a word or a bunch of words in the Google textbox and hitting the search button. The words that we type are called keywords as they would be only the essential parts of a whole sentence that we have in mind.… Read more ➡

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