Why you put a hole in it?

Yesterday the MNIC Project Director gave a statement in press1 that the « dot punched » old ID Cards are still valid as there is nothing stipulated in the laws on that matter.

I find it unprofessional for someone to make such public statements while on the (MNIC) Facebook profile it’s mentioned clearly the reason being to invalidate the old card.… Read more ➡

Hon. Prime Minister of Mauritius holds old ID Card

mnic-imageAs it happens, someone seems to have taken an oath to speak the truth in court yet he lied. Let’s see with evidence. Even those who did not attend the MNIC court proceedings, they must have read in the press1 that it was tossed in court; the Hon.Read more ➡

Viré Mam – The Game

Earlier today a friend sent me this link: www.viremamthegame.com

I opened it and smiled when I heard the music. It was familiar. Yes, indeed it’s the famous « Viré Mam » music. However, this time it’s not a video clip but a Video Game.… Read more ➡

Internet censorship in Mauritius. Myth or reality?

Recent events prompted me to think about it. What if tomorrow we wake up to find access to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter is cut off, completely barred and restrictions are made even to our online search? Would that be catastrophic? We can’t estimate its effect unless we have lived the moment.… Read more ➡

Practical Mobile Forensics

practical-mobile-forensicsRecently I got hands on an ebook titled Practical Mobile Forensics. As the title suggests, yes, it deals much with dissecting and analyzing the data contained within mobile phones. Some times friends phone me saying they have lost data on their mobile phone & need to recover; this book might help in.… Read more ➡

Screencast in Mauritian Creole

A few days ago I received a comment on facebook asking if it would be possible for me to make Linux video tutorials. I recall in a previous LUGM meeting, we did agree that it will help to bring Linux into Mauritian homes if we make Linux tutos in Mauritian Creole.… Read more ➡

Who registered gouv.mu?

In an article yesterday, I mentioned it would be wise for the Mauritius ICT ministry to register gouv.mu and proceed to a cleaner migration rather than using the controversial govmu.org domain name.

It seems like someone just grabbed the idea & proceeded with the registration.… Read more ➡

Mauritius ICT Ministry needs a 101 course on DNS

Yesterday I wrote about electoral.govmu.org and its tool to verify voting registration. Folks on facebook checked the tool & a few sent me feedback. I also posted the article on the Mauritius Internet Users discussion list.

I saw a reply that prompted me to share it with others who are not subscribed on the mailing list, but would be interested with this member’s findings.… Read more ➡

Are you registered to vote?

The Electoral Commision website has a web application that allows one to check if he/she is registered to vote. The application would be useful to those who are going to vote for the first time. They can verify if their registration is ok; in case it’s not they should inform the Electoral Commission Office.… Read more ➡

Mauritius Gov mobile app on Google Play Store

I am happy to see that the Government of Mauritius has a mobile application for Android devices. It is named Mauritius Gov. However this app is developed and published by a company named LINK Development1 and not by the Ministry of ICT or the National Computer Board.… Read more ➡

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