ABC Banking Corporation | Phishing mail report

While checking my spambox today I noticed a phishing email I received two days ago. Thought of analyzing the stuff, so here we go.


The above is what reached my spam folder. There are enough elements for the email to be tagged as “spam”, however if the attacker was a bit lucky with the server he/she used, it could have landed in my Inbox.… Read more ➡

Reviving an old notebook with Xubuntu

Last Sunday I spent some time reviving my old laptops. Had quite some gear lying around and I decided to clean up the trash. I gave my current Acer Aspire running openSUSE 13.2 to my mom, swapped the HP Compaq 6515b with an SSD drive and loaded Xubuntu.… Read more ➡

Maha Shivaratri 2015

Among the twelve Shivaratris in a year, Maha Shivaratri that falls in the month of phalguna, is considered the most holy. For the Mauritian Hindus it is a highly celebrated occasion. Forty days prior to Maha Shivaratri people start fasting, some with rigid fasts, building Kanwars etc.… Read more ➡

Ubuntu Jam 2015 – Mauritius

In-line with the Ubuntu Global Jam happening from 6 – 8 February 2015, we too, we had our share of jamming session at the University of Mauritius today. Due to work commitments, however, I could not put in too much energy and rather unloaded the same on Ashmita, the University of Mauritius Computer Club president, and a very good friend.… Read more ➡

Government of Mauritius email servers misconfigured?

Recently there has been the buzz over phishing emails that mimicked the Government Portal address. Today a friend shared a screenshot (of an email) on Facebook and asked if he could trust the message. I requested him to forward me the header details.… Read more ➡

Let’s peek into Evolve OS

Taking advantage of being at home today, I dd’ed my spare pendrive with Evolve OS. To be fair, I’m a bit late in review writing this time. Evolve OS Beta 1 got released on 26 January and I scheduled a trial the same night.… Read more ➡

Setting up online shops in Mauritius

During the previous “Do you use the Internet?” event at Ebène Accelerator, one of the topics that came through the discussions was “Online Payment / Paypal”. Nadim and Nirvan shed some light on the same, especially Nadim who shared his experience with local banks.… Read more ➡

Hacked? Don’t call CERT-MU.

Few days ago, in the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list, it was tossed that something was wrong with the website I had a quick look and yes, the Drupal CMS was exploited to inject malicious code. Somebody trolled the webmaster and injected a tool dubbed as mini helper V 2.0.… Read more ➡

Hey Gorgeous! Do you use the Internet?

Still remember the mini-buzz about the “Do you use the Internet” tagline?

By the end of December 2014, Shelly proposed having an event around the theme. Right after new year she got into the preps and all, and managed in organizing an awesome event.… Read more ➡

Ghost, CVE-2015-0235

As tech news are buzzing with another bug that might affect Linux servers out there in the wild, let’s keep in mind that the Ghost vulnerability affects glibc versions prior to v2.18. Therefore those running on glibc v2.18/19/20 are safe from CVE-2015-0235.… Read more ➡

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