Corsair Hackers Reboot Preps + LUGM AGM

We’re now less than 1 week away from the Corsair Hackers Reboot. The past week was hectic on my end not being able to contribute much. However, Nadim did a great job by finishing the poster edits & getting the same printed. It was decided that Yesterday (Saturday 12 April), we should meet up at […]

What’s a doodle?

Ever attended a long “boring” presentation with a pen & notebook? Did you scribble stuffs that have nothing to do with the presentation? Good if you did, you’ve been doodling then ( : A doodle is an spontaneous drawing that one makes when the mind wanders from thought to thought. This often happens during telephone […]

Corsair Hackers Reboot, demo preps

We’re approximately 3 weeks away from the Corsair Hackers Reboot. On my end I have so much in the pool. Yup, I know I’ll be hopping around with almost every team that will be cheering for FOSS that day, however, I’ve chosen to dedicate most of my time to the Demo and Talks sections. For […]

LUGM meetup, Software Licensing

Many times on LUGM facebook group we had fierce debates over GPL and BSD-license. Flame-wars sprouted very often, some times even from an innocent status we might have put. Therefore a few weeks ago it was decided that we have a meetup that will ensure clarifying misconceptions regarding software licenses. The date was announced to […]

Linux Boot Process

You power on your Linux PC/Notebook and in a short while you most of the time see a splash screen and then your login prompt. Ever imagined what it takes from hitting the power button till getting that login prompt or desktop. It is called the Linux Boot Process, consisting of a number of stages. […]


During the weekend I was getting bored, so I looked for something creative to spend time on. Since two weeks I’m using elementary OS, an Ubuntu based distribution. It was a fresh install and my notebook is currently bare. For the creative fun I installed Padre, a Perl IDE. I wrote a couple of code […], a change in strategy

Last year, during the virtual launch of Visual Studio 2013 I met a bunch of Microsoft folks. I was discussing Office 365 with Arnaud Meslier, Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, and sharing my concern about the webapps not being compatible with Linux. That’s when he assured me compatibility is on way. Weeks later I subscribed to […]