Ghost, CVE-2015-0235

As tech news are buzzing with another bug that might affect Linux servers out there in the wild, let’s keep in mind that the Ghost vulnerability affects glibc versions prior to v2.18. Therefore those running on glibc v2.18/19/20 are safe from CVE-2015-0235.… Read more ➡

Mauritius Commercial Bank, forged by cyber criminals

I learned about fighting email forgery through a wise friend and he’s been an ardent proponent of DKIM and SPF. We tossed the topic previously, whenever Web & Email security were being discussed in events.

Today a fellow subscriber of the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list notified people about a phishing email he’s been receiving since the past 5 days.… Read more ➡

Phishing alert,

An Internet user contacted me earlier on Facebook with a screenshot showing what looked like an email from [email protected] It’s only when I reached home in the evening that I was able to analyze.


Screenshot, courtesy of Facebook user

The content shows an image link that most probably will open to somewhere outside… Read more ➡

Mauritius Network Services, wrong SSL certificate

A while ago I came to know that Le Défi covered the MCB Coffee at Ebène defaced page in an article.

I tweeted the same ^^

During the past week a friend prompted me about an error he got on another local website, that of the Mauritius Network Services.… Read more ➡

Work? Seriously! ^^

Recently folks at work told me that most of my photos at work which I tweet, show me only as having coffee. Maybe I should also tweet/post photos when I’m actually working.

I took that seriously ^^

ish-workRead more ➡

Coffee at MCB visited by “Hacker Djamel11154″

Today I saw an email in the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list that stated there is a problem at I visited the website and looked around. Indeed, when I clicked on the “Locate us” link, I find a note left by some “Djamel11154″.… Read more ➡

Facebook racist naming standard

I reach home on this cyclonic weather in Mauritius, tired hungry but I said I’ll switch on the laptop and let the stuffs load. Mail is ok, Twitter looks good but hey, what’s that, Facebook apparently does not recognize me. Wait!… Read more ➡

Hello Gorgeous! Do you use Internet? #Mauritius

Many people have been asking what is it all about? They would only see selfies flooding twitter with the tagline: “Do you use Internet?”

It all started during the Mauritius Internet Users (MIU) meetups following a couple of tweets at first.… Read more ➡

Email encryption made simple with ProtonMail

I was glad to see an email from ProtonMail this morning saying that my beta account was ready (^^,) I clicked on the provided link & created my email account. The setup was simple and straightforward. It already filled up my username and I couldn’t change it.… Read more ➡

Cyber criminals exploit the fate of AirAsia flight QZ8501

It’s not new to see cyber criminals taking advantage of any buzz around the Internet to spread their malware. Most of the times vulnerable users fall prey and get their emails, social network accounts etc compromised. Recently, we’ve seen The Hacker News reporting such a leak:


Today, cyber criminals have started targeting people with fake news pertaining to the AirAsia flight QZ8501 that went missing on Sunday 28 December 2014.… Read more ➡

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