404-Page-not-found of MMM

Internet does not forget and it happens that good citizens do not forgive. This morning I saw a text shared on facebook which was in fact an extract from L’Express newspaper. It stated that following a mention of some page on mmm.mu, the same was removed and now an HTTP 404 Status error is displayed.… Read more ➡

Linux Talks at Mauritian branch of Middlesex University

middlesex-university-mauritiusAs scheduled I reached the Mauritian branch of Middlesex University sharp at 09h00 today. Oh! SM (S. Moonesamy) was late. That was so awesome. Usually, I am the latecomer & get scolded.

I was greeted by Adit Santokhee, a fellow lecturer who organized the presentation.… Read more ➡

Fighting email forgery with SPF and DKIM

Ajay, an experienced fellow from the Linux User Group of Mauritius several times advocated the importance of authenticating emails through SPF and DKIM. Last Saturday, after the Shellshock presentation it was tossed again while Alex and I were discussing a couple of stuffs regarding spams situation and email security.… Read more ➡

Shellshock: A survival guide

It’s been the hot talk since a few weeks. Well, the presentation was finally due today at the University of Mauritius. Scheduled for 13h00, however I reached at noon. Planned to meet Shelly first and explain her a little about Linux (in general) and then show her what’s Bash.… Read more ➡

Surf anonymously using your mobile phone

tor-logoTor, which originally meant ‹ the onion router › is a software that enables Internet traffic to relay round the globe before hitting the target. Thus it enables one to surf the Internet anonymously. Tor prevents websites from tracking you. Recently, a post about Google Maps Tracking made a buzz on Yahoo News.… Read more ➡

Network connection info with lsof

I still recall the line told to me when I started working as a Linux Sysadmin; “in Unix, everything is a file”. This includes socket files as well. Thus, one could use a utility like lsof to get network connection related information from the socket files.… Read more ➡

MTPA leaks 269,146 email addresses

« ti problem » isn’t something new in our country!

Latest to join the crew (breaching privacy) is the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA). It all started with an email that S. Moonesamy (SM) sent on the MIU discussion list.… Read more ➡


What is it that makes the body get excited?

Adrenaline! A hormone produced by the body in « stressful » moments. These could be fear or extreme joy. Adrenal glands are responsible for producing adrenaline as & when the body requires it.… Read more ➡

mict.gov.mu goes offline

A while ago S. Moonesamy posted on the Mauritius Internet Users discussion list that he cannot access the Mauritius ICT Ministry’s (mict.gov.mu) website. He asked on the mailing list if others were having the problem. On my end, I tested and all pages opened fine.… Read more ➡

Sharepoint misconfiguration, yet again

In my previous articles where I related my observation on the Government of Mauritius Web Portal’s Sharepoint misconfiguration, I mentioned that the Sharepoint product is a robust one but also configuration is meticulous. One has to pay particular attention to the global config file, otherwise unintended data leakage could happen.… Read more ➡

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