Hello! My name is Ish Sookun. I am a passionate blogger, a Linux enthusiast and a Free & Open Source Software advocate. I started using Linux some 13 years ago when Internet was still primitive in Mauritius. I used to travel around the island just to get a copy of any GNU/Linux distribution.


HACKLOG is all about my love story with computers & Linux. I do write about other stuffs from time to time. When something I write fits in no specific category it ends up in TWAIN (Things Without An Interesting Name).

This blog is my Internet space where I publish stuffs spinning in my mind. It is my hack log. I write about things I break & I repair. I inspire and try giving life to my craziness through words. I am also passionate about scripting & programming. I adore Perl, Python & Bash scripting; altogether they simplify the life of a System Admin. I also like web programming, playing with PHP & HTML is fun.

# Braincheck Code

use strict;
use warnings;

sub braincheck{
	print "What's your name? ";
	my $name = <STDIN>;
	print "How old are you? ";
	my $age = <STDIN>;
	print "Where are you right now? ";
	my $location = <STDIN>;
	if (($name =~ /ish/) && ($age == "29") && ($location eq "home")){
		print "Good! You're still sane.\n";
	} else { print "You got something wrong buddy. Go see a doc!\n"; }

I do Research & Development in a telecom company & my employer provides me free coffee (^^,) …

I was once a happy penguin at Linkbynet, then I spent some time spreading Linux Love at Orange Business Services, until I landed at Stella Telecom to build stuffs.

Apart from work I spend a lot of time evangelizing Linux and FOSS through workshops, seminars, social networks and my blog. I am also an openSUSE Advocate and I enjoy presenting its awesomeness whenever I’ve given a chance to. If you’re from the region ping me and we can throw a party with some other computer geeks around.

I am the P.R.O of the Linux User Group of Mauritius and usually on Saturdays you should find me and other Linux enthusiasts engaged in some serious geek talk in a café or restaurant around Bagatelle Mall.

Social Networks


13 November 2014, LinuxFest at Université des Mascareignes, I talked about « contributing to the open source community »
13 September 2014, Ubuntu Global Jam (UGJ) – Mauritius, I demoed Synergy on a mix of Ubuntu & openSUSE machines
openSUSE Presentation – openSUSE Project/Advocate Program presentation during Linuxfest 2013, Octave Wiehe Auditorium, Mauritius.
Talk on Open Source – Infotech 2013, SVICC, Mauritius.
MySQL Replication & LVM Snapshot – Open Source Software Conference (OSSC) 2011, Burrunchobay Lecture Theatre, University of Mauritius.
openSUSE Presentation – Linuxfest 2010, Lecture Theatre II (FLM), University of Mauritius.


Project Evil Genius shared on GitHub.


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