Hello! My name is Nitin Sookun. Some know me as Ishwon or Ish. I’m a Linux enthusiast and FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) advocate. I started playing with Linux some 13 years ago when Internet was still primitive in Mauritius. I used to travel around the island just to get a copy of any GNU/Linux distribution. Having one would mean to have a priceless jewel.

ish-codeHACKLOG is indeed all about my love story with computers & FOSS. I do write about other stuffs as well from time to time. When something I write fits in no specific category it ends up in TWAIN (Things Without An Interesting Name).

This blog is my Internet space where I publish stuffs spinning in my mind. It is my hack log. I write about things I break & I repair. I inspire and try giving life to my craziness through words. I am also passionate about scripting & programming. I adore Perl, Python & Bash scripting; altogether they simplify the life of a System Admin. I also like web programming, playing with PHP & HTML is fun.

# Braincheck Code

use strict;
use warnings;

sub braincheck{
	print "What's your name? ";
	my $name = <STDIN>;
	print "How old are you? ";
	my $age = <STDIN>;
	print "Where are you right now? ";
	my $location = <STDIN>;
	if (($name =~ /ish/) && ($age == "28") && ($location eq "home")){
		print "Good! You're still sane.\n";
	} else { print "You got something wrong buddy. Go see a doc!\n"; }

I am a Linux System Engineer at E.venture Ltd. I work on projects that involve a lot of Ubuntu and CAE Linux.

I was once a happy penguin at Linkbynet, then I spent some time spreading Linux Love at Orange Business Services, until I landed at E.venture to build stuffs that I adore.

Apart from work I spend a lot of time evangelizing Linux and FOSS through workshops, seminars, social networks and my blog. I am also an openSUSE Advocate and I enjoy presenting its awesomeness whenever I’ve given a chance to. If you’re from the region ping me and we can throw a party with some other computer geeks around.

I am the P.R.O of the Linux User Group of Mauritius and usually on Saturdays you should find me and other Linux enthusiasts engaged in some serious geek talk in cafés, restaurants, around Bagatelle Mall.

In 2006 I started a project called INDRA Cybercafé. Today the same has become our family business. On some rare weekend I stop by to tweak a couple of things. INDRA Cybercafé is also my playground where I test things that I build for fun.

Social Networks


openSUSE Presentation – openSUSE Project/Advocate Program presentation during Linuxfest 2013, Octave Wiehe Auditorium, Mauritius.

Talk on Open Source – Infotech 2013, SVICC, Mauritius.
MySQL Replication & LVM Snapshot – Open Source Software Conference (OSSC) 2011, Burrunchobay Lecture Theatre, University of Mauritius.

openSUSE Presentation – Linuxfest 2010, Lecture Theatre II (FLM), University of Mauritius.


Project Evil Genius shared on GitHub.


mbcs-990064965   fsf-9934






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Notice to readers

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