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Linux User Group of Mauritius

Ubuntu Global Jam // Linuxfest 2014

ubuntu_global_jam_badge_v1The Ubuntu Global Jam (UGJ) – Mauritius happened today at the University of Mauritius. On the same occasion, as Ajay tossed earlier, we had a Linuxfest too. While I decided to put more of my energy in getting gears ready for the Ubuntu Jam, Ajay along with folks from the University of Mauritius Computer Club helped in to get things ready for the Linuxfest.… Read more ➡

Raspberry Pi Lab at Nicolay Government School

Finally the moment arrived. Today was the inauguration of the Raspberry Pi lab at Nicolay Government School. Remember, weeks ago I wrote about this project that was initiated by JCI City Plus.

The past two days we went to the school & finished cabling stuffs.… Read more ➡

C’est quoi un Raspberry Pi?

C’est la question qu’on m’a posé sur facebook aujourd’hui quand j’ai posté quelques photos d’un Raspberry Pi en action.

RPi-logoUn Raspberry Pi ou tout simplement RPi, est un miniscule ordinateur à la taille d’une carte bancaire. Il suffit de faire la connexion avec un écran HDMI, une entrée réseau, clavier / souris USB et on a un ordi à notre disposition.… Read more ➡

Let’s rock with MariaDB and MySQL

A few weeks ago, Ronny the old guy of Linux User Group (Mauritius) who also happens to be the president announced a possible visit of Joffrey Michaie. I hadn’t met Joffrey before but I did hear a lot about him during my early days as a sysadmin.… Read more ➡

Geany, getting dark themes

If you’re a Geany user out there you must agree you’d expect the geany-pack to come with some dark themes by default. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, well at least not from the Ubuntu repository. Staring at codes for long hours with a white screen isn’t comfortable neither healthy.… Read more ➡

Screencast with FFmpeg

One of the best things with the Linux command line is that you happen to find a utility for almost everything you’d ever want to do with your computer. Last year I was looking for a screencast software supporting Linux. I found a couple few but upon trying I didn’t like them.… Read more ➡

Guake, an awesome drop-down terminal

The first thing I usually do after booting my Linux machine is to fire up terminal and keep it there. Every now and then I might be looking for something, do a quick tweak or even write into a text file, it’s handy with the terminal.… Read more ➡

LibreSSL – DEB package for Ubuntu

Earlier today, Logan posted on Mauritius Internet Users discussion list about LibreSSL availability for non-OpenBSD platforms. I had a look at the LibreSSL homepage and definitely you cannot miss the winking LibreSSL Portable notice.

I downloaded the source & compiled it on my Ubuntu 14.04 64bit machine.… Read more ➡

Raspberry Pi Party!

As planned with folks from JCI City Plus, today we met to further brainstorm the Raspberry Pi (RPi) project we’re currently collaborating on. A few months ago, Nitin Bachraz and Asha Auckloo got in touch with me informing of the project, which should comprise of an educational platform built-on RPis.… Read more ➡

LUGM Saturday meetups. What do the geeks do?

Mid-year 2013, I used to shoot about Linux mini-meetups on facebook, then they became LUGM meetups, all planned for Saturdays over an exaggerated intake of coffee. In the beginning, we would be like 3, 4, maybe 10 people attending. However with successful events like Linuxfest & Corsair Hackers Reboot, having more than 10 people in nearly every meetup was like normal.… Read more ➡

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