The first thing I usually do after booting my Linux machine is to fire up terminal and keep it there. Every now and then I might be looking for something, do a quick tweak or even write into a text file, it’s handy with the terminal. One of my favorite terminal emulator is Terminator. It’s… Read More

Earlier today, Logan posted on Mauritius Internet Users discussion list about LibreSSL availability for non-OpenBSD platforms. I had a look at the LibreSSL homepage and definitely you cannot miss the winking LibreSSL Portable notice. I downloaded the source & compiled it on my Ubuntu 14.04 64bit machine. All went well, fired up terminal to check… Read More

As planned with folks from JCI City Plus, today we met to further brainstorm the Raspberry Pi (RPi) project we’re currently collaborating on. A few months ago, Nitin Bachraz and Asha Auckloo got in touch with me informing of the project, which should comprise of an educational platform built-on RPis. Yog, Veer, Nitin & I,… Read More

Mid-year 2013, I used to shoot about Linux mini-meetups on facebook, then they became LUGM meetups, all planned for Saturdays over an exaggerated intake of coffee. In the beginning, we would be like 3, 4, maybe 10 people attending. However with successful events like Linuxfest & Corsair Hackers Reboot, having more than 10 people in… Read More

Two days ago I tweeted I’m downloading Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” Cinnamon. A first trial was scheduled for the week-end. I pulled out the HP Compaq laptop. First things first, need to make a Live pendrive. Next thing, booting the laptop with the pendrive. All is clear. No glitches, boot time is decent enough. The… Read More

Earlier today, Logan, posted on the LUGM facebook group that he has created a online tool (still in beta) that would test if your server is vulnerable to yet another vulnerability that has been recently discovered in OpenSSL. This particular vulnerability is known as CVE-2014-0224. For Internet users in general let’s see what is a… Read More

As shot on facebook during the week, a bunch of geeks met yesterday for a random meetup. Aww! Not so random as I proposed to discuss Bug Reporting. Let’s see how the day unfolded. It’s Saturday, as usual I would wake up late. One of the reasons why I don’t like meetups to start early.… Read More

OpenBSD! I recall it as the blowfish photo someone stuck on the whiteboard during the times I was working at Linkbynet. I had no BSD hands-on-experience before that although I knew about it. My first OpenBSD proper introduction was given by Ronny at Linkbynet when I questioned him about the Blowfish photo. That’s where the… Read More

As announced on Facebook earlier this week, we had a LUGM meetup today at Pizza Perfect. Scheduled to start at 11h00 but I woke up late. I end up missing the bus. The next one came 30 mins later & was damn slow on the road. Could I complain? Nope! So, I’d better listen to… Read More

I have been an openSUSE advocate for years now & it’s always been pleasure to talk for the Gecko at events, seminars etc. Prior to that the word advocacy was much an ambiguity to me. If someone would toss about project advocacy or technology evangelism, I might not have understood at first. The advocacy I… Read More