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Linux User Group of Mauritius

Reviving an old notebook with Xubuntu

Last Sunday I spent some time reviving my old laptops. Had quite some gear lying around and I decided to clean up the trash. I gave my current Acer Aspire running openSUSE 13.2 to my mom, swapped the HP Compaq 6515b with an SSD drive and loaded Xubuntu.… Read more ➡

Ubuntu Jam 2015 – Mauritius

In-line with the Ubuntu Global Jam happening from 6 – 8 February 2015, we too, we had our share of jamming session at the University of Mauritius today. Due to work commitments, however, I could not put in too much energy and rather unloaded the same on Ashmita, the University of Mauritius Computer Club president, and a very good friend.… Read more ➡

Let’s peek into Evolve OS

Taking advantage of being at home today, I dd’ed my spare pendrive with Evolve OS. To be fair, I’m a bit late in review writing this time. Evolve OS Beta 1 got released on 26 January and I scheduled a trial the same night.… Read more ➡

Opera 64-Bit for Linux

Opera_browser_logo-200pxI saw a tweet by OMG! UBUNTU! this morning, saying « Opera for Linux Makes a Triumphant Return ». I checked the article and followed the instructions to install Opera on a non-Debian derivative. The instructions are published on Github by an Opera employee, known as ruario on Github.… Read more ➡

Meeting Eddy of Internet Systems Consortium

Last Friday, a few members of the Linux User Group of Mauritius organized an « Informal Talk on DNS » at Flying Dodo, Bagatelle Mall.

Eddy Winstead from the Internet Systems Consortium was our guest. He was in Mauritius for AFRINIC-21 and has been delivering talks on BIND.… Read more ➡

Screencast in Mauritian Creole

A few days ago I received a comment on facebook asking if it would be possible for me to make Linux video tutorials. I recall in a previous LUGM meeting, we did agree that it will help to bring Linux into Mauritian homes if we make Linux tutos in Mauritian Creole.… Read more ➡

Linuxfest at Université des Mascareignes

Nadim along with several students from Université des Mascareignes (UDM) collaborated the past few weeks in order to organize a Linux Festival on the university campus. I was a passive reader of the emails going to & fro and also the lengthy group chats.… Read more ➡

Shellshock: A survival guide

It’s been the hot talk since a few weeks. Well, the presentation was finally due today at the University of Mauritius. Scheduled for 13h00, however I reached at noon. Planned to meet Shelly first and explain her a little about Linux (in general) and then show her what’s Bash.… Read more ➡

Network connection info with lsof

I still recall the line told to me when I started working as a Linux Sysadmin; “in Unix, everything is a file”. This includes socket files as well. Thus, one could use a utility like lsof to get network connection related information from the socket files.… Read more ➡

apt-get: holding back a package

acer-notebook-debianWhile setting up Debian on a notebook I kinda had tough time with the “flash player” plugin crashing incessantly in Google Chrome. A work-around has been published here which involves replacing the flash-plugin that is shipped with Google Chrome from a previous version.… Read more ➡

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