Internet Shutdown in Chad

Senior Policy Advisor - Africa, of the Internet Society, Verengai Mabika, on 10 April 2018, posted about Internet shutdowns1 happening in Chad due to ongoing political unrests. In the report he mentions about the continuous disruptions of Internet and social media services since the 2nd of April; although it is not the first occurrence in 2018. There were earlier reports of Internet shutdowns in Chad in January 2018 and also a much longer 8-months social media cutoff in 2016 during the elections.

Cambridge Analytica scandal & Mauritius

Earlier this year a major privacy scandal rocked the tech industry. It started with the revelations1 of Christopher Wylie, a former employee of Cambridge Analytica, in which Wylie stated how Cambridge Analytica harvested data of Facebook users through their developed apps and how the data collected was used to predict & even influence the choices of American voters. Slowly, as more information was revealed, it became apparent that the privacy scandal was not limited to the U.

AMD publishes technical assessment on CTS Labs' vulnerability reports

About a week ago CTS Labs, a Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity startup, made a public disclosure on vulnerabilities affecting AMD Ryzen and EPYC processors. Linus Torvalds reacted1 harshly to those premature claims: “When was the last time you saw a security advisory that was basically ‘if you replace the BIOS or the CPU microcode with an evil version, you might have a security problem?’ Yeah.” Various media reports spoke lenghily about the CTS Labs reports.

UK Information Office steps into Cambridge Analytica investigation

Amidst media reports on the privacy breach by Cambridge Analytica & Facebook, the latter announced1 hiring digital forensics firm, Stroz Friedberg, to investigate the claims. We have hired a digital forensics firm, Stroz Friedberg, to conduct a comprehensive audit of Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica has agreed to comply and afford the firm complete access to their servers and systems. We have approached the other parties involved — Christopher Wylie and Aleksandr Kogan — and asked them to submit to an audit as well.

MNIC officer accuses Police of forced confession in fake biometric ID Card case

A case related to a fake biometric ID card was reported last1 December. It was big news because if the card issued was indeed biometric & similar to the ones issued by the MNIC, then it would be extremely difficult for someone to deduce it’s fake without a card reader to authenticate a biometric reading. There were arrests but no further information came through media regarding the police investigation that followed; until today.