Two months ago we organized a meetup on Functional Programming at Turbine by Renghen Pajanilingum. As the presentation got intense it was in fact time to leave. There was thus a call for a second meetup.

SysAdmin Day 2017

Yes! Thanks to fellow developers at LSL Digital, we worked it out and this time we shall host the meetup at La Sentinelle, Port-Louis.

I spoke to Renghen on the phone and I can reveal this much about the up-coming meetup. Expect demo exercises, an example of a mini interpreter in Scala, examples of functors, monoids, monads and a case study Elm for web developers.


Seats are limited, unfortunately. Please RSVP only if you can make it to the event. Register on Eventbrite before 12 August 2017 or till seats are still available.