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Chittesh Sham

Chittesh Sham
Systems Engineer at LSL Digital, uses openSUSE, speaks Mozillian, and experiments with Kubernetes.

How Yahoo Deleted My Email Account And There Was Literally Nothing I Could Do

By Chittesh Sham in Yahoo on 25 April 2020

Yahoo Illegally terminated my yahoo mail account and I had to pay for support...

Bitcoin Is Dead ...

By Chittesh Sham in Bitcoin on 12 March 2020

B**coin, the most promising cryptocurrency set upon the humongous mission to revolutionize and modernize our current financial institution in this day and age… is dead - and coronavirus isn't to be blamed on this one, as certain cryptocurrency blogs may want you to believe....

DevCon 2020 | Kubernetes - Introducing through openSUSE MicroOS & Kubic

By Chittesh Sham in Mauritius on 09 March 2020

DevCon 2020 is just about three weeks away and the hype is real. People know me as a friendly neighborhood SysAdmin and this year I am excited to announce that I will be co-hosting a presentation alongside Ish at the Developers Conference....