Debugging on MicroOS made easier with toolbox

Until now, it was not easy to run debugging tools on openSUSE MicroOS or Kubic for the simple reason that installing any package using the transactional-update in package_name command would require a reboot for the program to be available on the system.

Elections & Propaganda in Mauritius

It's not a new thing that opponents spread rumours during an election period to mislead the population in favor or against something. Such tactics predates the use of Internet & social media campaigns.

Understand networking in Podman

I received a message on Twitter on 17 October from a fellow who attended the openSUSE Asia Summit 2019. Strangely, I didn't get any notification about it and it's only today that I read the message. He also attended my workshop on openSUSE MicroOS and had some questions regarding inter-Pod...

Where is the Freedom of Information Act?

At just a two weeks before the General Elections in Mauritius, I am pondering over the achievements of the outgoing government. A renewed alliance between the MSM Party and Muvman Liberater is asking the citizens to give them another mandate to run the country.
Podman 101 at the Middlesex University Mauritius

Podman 101 at the Middlesex University Mauritius

Thanks to Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator, Aditya Santokhee, at the Middlesex University Mauritius, my colleague Chittesh & I got to deliver guest talks at the university today.
Krakathon 🐙

Krakathon 🐙

Krakathon - the hackthon with a Kraken - kicked off on Saturday 19 October 2019 at the Caudan Arts Centre in Port-Louis. LSL Digital didn't participate this year due to other priorities. However, some of my colleagues participated individually as Team Kalchul.