Excerpts from a sysadmin's journal

openSUSE Board Non-Confidence Petition result announced

By Ish Sookun in openSUSE on 15 July 2020

Two weeks ago the openSUSE Election Committee set up an electronic petition to measure whether 20% of the community members are in favour of a re-election of the current elected Board Members. The result was published this morning on the project mailing list...

Podman - unable to pull image

By Ish Sookun in openSUSE on 14 July 2020

Today, while pulling the latest Nextcloud container image from the docker.io repository I noticed that it is failing. Looking at the read: connection reset by peer error I assume it could be primarily due to network failure; maybe poor quality of the connection...

75 years old man arrested for Facebook post after the Prime Minister of Mauritius lodges police complaint

By Ish Sookun in Mauritius on 10 July 2020

A former Ambassador of Mauritius in Madagascar, aged 75 years old, posted an edited photo of the Prime Minister of Mauritius sitting over a pile of currency notes, along with the text in creole that translates to "Motto of Pinokio. Let's kick ass before we leave....

Running Flatpak on openSUSE Leap the first time

By Ish Sookun in openSUSE on 09 July 2020

Flatpak comes pre-installed in openSUSE Leap 15.2. However, executing the flatpak command for the first time had a minor quirk in a freshly installed Leap 15.2 machine...

A quick intro to Podman by Estu Fardani

By Ish Sookun in openSUSE on 06 July 2020

Estu Fardani is a helpful & jovial fellow whom I met at the openSUSE Asia Summit last year in Bali, Indonesia. Recently, for the openSUSE Virtual Summit, Estu did a short presentation on Podman. His presentation video is available on YouTube and slides deck available on Google Slides...