An informal Linux meetup

August 11, 2013
linux-user-group-mauritius meetup

Since a long time Atish had asked me if I could help him learning Linux. Sure I could but time was an issue as I do not so often spend my weekends at the cybercafés. I told Atish maybe I would later when I get a few more people wishing to learn and we could start regular meetups & do some knowledge-sharing.

Then during the past week Yuram from my workplace pinged me asking if I can help him with Linux stuffs.

I thought, ok, maybe all these are falling well together. I’ve wanted to re-organize Linux user groups and get more people (especially students) using Linux. I told Yuram to meet me on Saturday (10-08-2013) and asked Atish to come as well. We met at Mugg & Bean around 13h00. When I reached Yuram was already there. A few moments later Atish came bringing another friend of his. Ok, the club started well. :-)

Yuram brought his new laptop and wanted to dual boot the same with Linux. I installed Linux Mint and during the whole process I explained them about the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. We talked about various basic commands of Linux and how to get around the shell using man pages. For a first session I must say everyone seemed comfortable and had fun.

Some time later Nitin called and he came (he was in the vicinity after visiting his dentist). He shared some of his Linux (SUSE) experience as well.

We decided we should organize such meetups more often. I told them about my idea of formalizing an openSUSE Mauritius group. Everyone seemed happy to join. So, I’m drafting a couple of things and hopefully the openSUSE Mauritius group will finally be brought to life during the coming week.

Functional Programming meetup :-)

August 5, 2017
functional-programming software-development meetup mauritius

Functional Programming by Renghen

May 28, 2017
programming meetup mauritius-software-craftsmanship-community

Open source for enterprises

May 12, 2017
open-source linux-user-group-mauritius national-computer-board