Infotech 2013 – Day 3

November 23, 2013
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Oh! What a great day.

It was a damn sunny morning but I liked the weather. Better be sunny & great than cold & lethargic. So, what was up in today’s list of activities? Firstly, going to University of Mauritius and meeting folks from the Computer Club. When I reached, Yunus was enjoying some loneliness at the entrance on Cafeteria. I greeted him and at the same time Darshini arrived. We had some general chat about the day’s schedule, things that were still pending for Linuxfest and I inquired about Ibraahim’s health.

A short while later Nirvan came with the lanyards. Those look great indeed & I’m happy Ibraahim did some green ones as I requested. Then got Nayar’s call informing that everyone is waiting at Raised Plaza. Ahaaan … They had quite a nice team there. It was a pleasure to meet them all. We had some quickie brainstorming for Monday’s event. The girls wanted some content materials for hosting the event. Well, I’m most of the time sporadic rather than setting things down on paper. Writing speech isn’t my skill but I told them I’ll improvise a couple of things during the weekend. By that time Neha, Pawan & Antish also had arrived.

We left UoM around 10h30 … for Infotech. A nice drive all way chatting some casual stuffs & at some point someone got me in an emotional nostalgia. Anyway, geek talks get me back in mood. When we arrived at Infotech I rushed to NCB’s stand, thought Ajay was there already but nah. We were first ( : I met Reza & Riad from the National Computer Board’s team. These guys have been helping us a lot. In fact, their support has made LUG’s presence something possible at Infotech 2013. I plugged the power cords & set my Linux box live on that wall-mounted wide-screen as we did yesterday. The NCB team is helpful & kinda like the vibrant energy our Linuxfest folks have. I was chatting with the guys while setting up things & it seems we will be having some nice collaboration in future events. Woohoooo! May the penguin army keep rising.

Reza on left, Riad on right.

I went outside for a while, when coming back I see the geek girl from day 1. Now, those who’re wondering who’s this geek girl… well, let’s go into flash back…

Day 1 – Conference was over & while we were queued up at the food-court, someone whispered, “there at 3 o’clock” and I was like “where, where, where?”. Of course, like a dumbass I don’t understand army’s code. Yet, my eyes fell upon a gorgeous girl in a fine black dress with the nerdy specs. Oh Lord! Those fitted her so well … Anyway, back to reality we continued our Linuxfest chat & folks gave me some great feedback on my presentation.Day 2 – I just had the panini episode in the food-court. While I was walking back to my seat I noticed the same geek girl I saw a day earlier. She was soothing to the eyes … I fired up twitter & tweeted : Oh! The chashmish girl in the foodcourt is cute <3. Brruuuaaaaah happened next. Twitter re-posted the same on my facebook wall & all the folks woke up eager to know whom I’m talking about. Camera was up & we got a blurry shot … Yet that wasn’t really my style, to shoot people without permission. So, I thought why not write about her ( : Pawan got on flirt mode & went for a shoot. I had already left Infotech by that time.

Coming back to day 3 … When I saw her again, I approached her asking if we could talk later & that I needed some info for my article. I actually wanted to know more about her geek look. It fitted her perfectly.

Met her around 13h00 while she was having lunch. A bit rude on my part maybe but I shot my questions. So, her name is Rachel Labour, a student of Architectural Design. She got into freelance modelling since a few years & did quite some projects; Salon de la Maison, Engen Motor Show among others. She’s passionate of interior designing. She aims to build her career as a professional interior designer rather than continuing with modelling. What about the geek look? Ahaaan … When she knew she’ll be hosting for Infotech 2013, she did her homework about technology & entertained a geek style to somewhere fit the environment. Mission accomplished! With so many eyes on her right from the entrance, she really cracked the code ( : Well, that was a nice meeting with a jovial person. Wishing her all the best in her career.

Oh… Did I miss something? Yup! Those who’ve been patient to see her. Here she is.

Ajay’s camera, photo shot by Nirvan.

Meanwhile at the NCB stand awesomeness was happening. We had a great response. In fact, Riad asked me if I could do an announcement of the Linux demos that we were doing. Sure, I could do. I improvised a quickie announcement both in English & Creole. At this point when I met colleagues from Orange Business Services, they asked what the noise was I making and instead of helping them with recruitment I was hopping around with penguins. Of course, I’m a geek & a bad-ass one. NCB has sponsored us a great platform, really pushing Linux & FOSS ahead. This greatly helps with all the activities we have in our calendar.

The rest of the day was awesome. I met a lot of students from University of Mauritius. There was a group which was particularly interested with the Linux Mint demo. I invited them to Monday’s Linuxfest. Met so many people, expanding the geek & professional network.

Ohh… It’s nearly 00h30 & I’m still writing. Ish, come on, have your milk & go to bed, you got another awesome day ahead.

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