Infotech 2013 – Day 4

November 25, 2013
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The fourth day at Infotech 2013 was tiring indeed. Tired out of awesomeness! I initially thought I would not attend the last day and instead concentrate on the Linuxfest event. However, the great moments of Saturday changed my mind. The NCB team had been encouraging us a lot & I kinda felt bad not to go.

Pawan, Pritvi, Nitin & I arrived at SVICC around 10h45. We left our gears at the NCB stand. Pawan & I went to have some refreshment. We discussed some raw photo editing stuffs using UFRaw. I am really a dumbo when it comes to cameras. My heart kinda broke when the night before I wasn’t able to view the photos taken from Ajay’s camera. Well … They were actually in a raw format, something I didn’t know. Pawan tried enlightening me in these things. Meanwhile Ajay arrived & was all set with his Gentoo machine. We finished the snacks and rushed back to the stand. Was kinda lethargic still … I guess it wasn’t tea but coffee that I should have taken but I hate coffee from those Nescafé machines.

I fired up the Linux Mint machine for the demos, opened my Linuxfest presentation slides and a couple of applications that can be demoed to public.

Infotech 2013

Ajay was humble enough to let us use his camera. I took it & tried shooting. That thing was heavy. I wondered how the photographers manage shooting for hours. I went around & took some snaps.

Reza and Riad from the National Computer Board.

There were less people visiting compared to Saturday but most who came were with family members. I demoed applications that people use on a daily basis, like web broswers (had Firefox, Google Chrome & Opera installed), VLC, Skype etc. Most people were kinda amazed by this new thing that was free (as in gratis) and secured enough to surf Internet with no risk of PC getting infected. Ajay was happy getting the kids playing on Steam.

I was there to evangelize Linux as well as openSUSE & Ubuntu in particular when students would show up.

A little after noon, Ratna & Ashmita came. They are from the UoM Computer Club team & were actually helping us for the Linuxfest as well. I introduced them to Ajay and the other folks at NCB. We in fact had lengthy discussions about the education system in Mauritius together with Riad. Later in the afternoon Nadim came. I handed demo sessions to him & took a pause. By late afternoon I felt like kaput. Was so tired, even Ajay several times told me to sleep early when I’m home :P

Oh … Epic moment was when NCB folks told me MBC needs a short introduction about our open source initiative & asked me if I could talk to them. Yup, sure I could. I was short on coffee, was feeling drowsy due to fatigue & MCB journalists show up. Ahaaan … Well, I thought open source is something I talk about all the time, so there’s no big deal talking the same in front of camera. We shot a first intro but it got ruined because of Orange making a lot of noise for their promos. Grrrr! On the second one, I just summed-up & made it shorter.

By the time Infotech 2013 ended we met everyone from the NCB team and thanked them. We were all very tired & needed rest. Yet, we had now the Linuxfest ahead … the next day. So, no rest, since I still needed some amendments in my slides. We walked towards the parking lot all while chatting about the great moments during this Infotech.

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