LUGM | mini-meetup 24.08.13 as it happened

August 25, 2013
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It’s been one rainy Saturday morning and while rushing to the bus-stop without an umbrella I missed the Port-Louis bus. Pfff! The next one should come in/around 30 mins. I was left with only one option, take Rose-Hill bus, stop at Réduit then go to Bagatelle. Then I thought Avinash & Natasha would be going to print copies of the LUGM membership form at Réduit. So, I called & ask them to wait for me.

Hehe! One funny thing happened at that printing facility at Réduit. The staff argued with us that their PC is infected and it could delete stuffs on my pendrive and a lot of such blah-blah. I argued back, to hell with my data, just print the file. Then another guy came, maybe he’s the owner and he was like explaining that we are not realizing the severity of a virus and again some blah-blah. It seemed like he would have made us sign a disclaimer before printing the file. Oh! come on … which era was that? Was I teleported to another dimension/time/space where computer viruses had eaten up people’s thinking capacity. Avinash tried calming my words and said let’s just print & get going … and that’s what we did.

We reached Mugg & Bean around 13h50. Selven & Jochen were outside. Yup! I was late. Anousha had come a while earlier but since she did not recognize others she waited inside. Mugg & Bean was almost full at that moment. Jochen and her little daughter went to have some fun time around the Mall. The rest of us went inside and arranged for two tables. Cool! We got them. After some time Yuram & Nitin Mutkawoa came. We were a little hungry so we started with something to eat first (: I ordered a toasted sandwich, Selven took a Blueberry muffin & others … well I didn’t look in their plates.

We had some general Linux chat while eating & having coffee. Anousha was new, so Selven and I explained her a little bit about LUGM and what we’re trying to do with mini-meetups. We also talked about MSCC. Everybody participated in a chat regarding confidence when attending job interviews, especially when technical questions are thrown at you. Also, how you confront your weaknesses when the interviewer pulls you there. This was some fun topic & Selven added more flavor with his examples.

After the mini-lunch I changed seat and went to explain Yuram & Anousha about the topics I published earlier on Facebook:

Oh! Yup … Selven offered Avinash, Yuram & me, a round of beer. Before we could continue with another one some had to go and the rest of us decided to go watch Wolverine.

Meetup ended & everyone was happy!

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