LUGM | mini-meetup 31.08.13

August 31, 2013
linux lugm linux-user-group-mauritius meetup

Saturdays are becoming fun with LUGM mini-meetups.

I finished an intervention at work and called Yuram to confirm which bus to take from Ebène to go Bagatelle. Most Port-Louis buses should drive through Bagatelle and I confirmed again by asking the conductor when getting in.

I reached Mugg & Bean and updated my Facebook status at 13h50. Hehe! I wasn’t late today. Five minutes later Nitin Mutkawoa came. He told me about the Apache issue he was having on his CentOS server and how he wasn’t able to connect through SSH. So, I said let’s have some fun. Oops! Now, he’s netbook had UK layout while his Linux Mint system was set to US. I was having trouble finding the @ symbol with that mini keyboard. Obviously, I had to set the right layout. Press Alt + F2, type cinnamon-settings and press Enter. Select Regional Settings and click on the Layouts tab. See the screenshot below, adding the UK layout from here needs no further instruction.

We were still talking about Nitin’s CentOS server when Yuram came. He was hungry … well, very hungry I must say. He left his bag and went to KFC to grab something veg. Yeah, ironically that’s what he did. Anyway, some time later he came back. Neha & Darshinee came next. Prithvi texted that he won’t be able to make it today. Never mind, see you next time buddy.

Here we started today’s Linux mini-meetup. As usual we had some general chit-chat and a few questions popped up regarding the openSUSE Advocate program. I gave Nitin & Yuram instructions about registration and the wiki page. Neha, Darshinee & me, we continued some chit-chat regarding Linux in the IT industry, comparison of IT jobs etc (something they missed last week). However, this week we had a kinda lengthy discussion on the topic. We also talked about internships and what to consider when applying.

Finally, we had the technical discussion. We started with some examples of ls command, how to identify things from the output etc. I recalled several funny incidents relating to this. We had a pretty lengthy discussion here as well with examples and all. We played with the command and compared the different outputs we got. Yuram & Nitin continued doing some tricks on Nitin’s VPS. By the time we reached the end of meetup they both had removed CentOS and installed Ubuntu and setup a LAMP server on the VPS. Good going guy. :-)

We did not go ahead with find & grep commands. That would have made things bulky for the new penguins since merely the find command has a myriad of awesome variations. I’ll keep find as a single topic next time.

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