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Drive slow, drive safe & don't receive penalties

By Ish Sookun in Mauritius on 31 July 2020

Lately I noticed a strong presence of police officers, particularly on roads through sugar cane fields, right after a round-about, where visibility of an officer would be poor from several metres away...

New legislation to replace the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act in Mauritius

By Ish Sookun in Mauritius on 25 July 2020

The latest Cabinet decisions, of 24 July 2020, mention the Cabinet's approval for the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation to issue instructions to the Attorney General's office for repealing the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act in order to draft a new a legislation that meets with...

Facebook user in Mauritius arrested for calling Member of Parliament a "dirtbag" in her timeline post

By Ish Sookun in Mauritius on 23 July 2020

Since amendments were made to the ICT Act of Mauritius, politicians, mainly Members of the National Assembly have grown "sensitive" to comments made about them on social media and they show almost zero tolerance to critics that might contain harsh words...

Ministry of Commerce removes the price control over certain products

By Ish Sookun in Mauritius on 04 July 2020

As per the cabinet decisions published on the Prime Minister Office's website, the cabinet has "noted" that cases of abusive prices has decreased and thus cabinet decided to remove certain products from the price control...

Why the COVID-19 Bill is nothing new?

By Nirvan Pagooah in Mauritius on 13 May 2020

Just my 2 cents as regards the new COVID-19 Bill. When you compare the COVID-19 Bill to the complexity of the Biometric Identity Case [1] back in 2014, you will understand that, this is a futile battle...