A talk about concurrency by Renghen

One of the sessions that I was able to shoot the whole of it during the Developers Conference 2019, is that of Renghen Pajanalingum aka Thanos. He spoke about the different techniques to attain concurrency when writing software.

Post-DevCon Code & Coffee meetup

Yesterday, I attended the MSCC Code & Coffee meetup at Mugg & Bean. It reminded me of the good old days of being a frequent meetup attendee and all those geek talks that happened around those Mugg & Bean tables with long hours drinking coffee.

Workshop on Model Law Access to Information

It's the second workshop around the subject "Freedom of Information" that I attended within less than six months. The first being last December by the United States Embassy.

Freedom of Information Act. When?

Last Friday the U.S Embassy organized a workshop on "what would a model of Freedom of Information Act look like for Mauritius". I attended as a member of the Mauritius Internet Users, and introduced myself as a System Administrator at La Sentinelle and a member of the ICT Advisory Council.