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75 years old man arrested for Facebook post after the Prime Minister of Mauritius lodges police complaint

By Ish Sookun in Mauritius on 10 July 2020

A former Ambassador of Mauritius in Madagascar, aged 75 years old, posted an edited photo of the Prime Minister of Mauritius sitting over a pile of currency notes, along with the text in creole that translates to "Motto of Pinokio. Let's kick ass before we leave....

Ministry of Commerce removes the price control over certain products

By Ish Sookun in Mauritius on 04 July 2020

As per the cabinet decisions published on the Prime Minister Office's website, the cabinet has "noted" that cases of abusive prices has decreased and thus cabinet decided to remove certain products from the price control...

Why the COVID-19 Bill is nothing new?

By Nirvan Pagooah in Mauritius on 13 May 2020

Just my 2 cents as regards the new COVID-19 Bill. When you compare the COVID-19 Bill to the complexity of the Biometric Identity Case [1] back in 2014, you will understand that, this is a futile battle...

Lawyers booked for breach of curfew while accompanying their client to the police headquarters

By Ish Sookun in Mauritius on 21 April 2020

Recent press reports show that at least three lawyers have been booked for breach of curfew because they did not carry (with them) a « memo » which has been given to lawyers requiring to travel to assist their clients...

Are people abusing the ICT Act of Mauritius?

By Ish Sookun in Mauritius on 18 April 2020

The ICT Act of Mauritius was amended in 2018 and it made a specific section of the legislation more ambiguous than before. Section 46 of the Act describes the offences under that legislation. The amendment introduced words such as humiliation, distress and anxiety to the list of "inconveniences"...