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Stasiek Michalski answers Richard Brown's questions as the openSUSE election campaign progresses

By Ish Sookun in openSUSE on 05 August 2020

Community members are welcome to ask the candidates questions about their views on the project and to comment on some of the pertinent matters within the community. Richard Brown, former Chairman of openSUSE, put a few questions to Stasiek Michalski about his views on conflict resolution...

Candidates list for the openSUSE Ad-hoc Board Election

By Ish Sookun in openSUSE on 03 August 2020

The Call for Nominations for the openSUSE Ad-hoc Board Election ended last night. The Election Committee received the nominations of two openSUSE members and both nominees accepted to run as candidate for this election...

openSUSE Ad-hoc Board Election

By Ish Sookun in openSUSE on 19 July 2020

Starting now and until the 2nd of August openSUSE members wishing to run for this election or nominate someone from the community can do so by sending an email to election-officials@opensuse.org...

openSUSE Board Non-Confidence Petition result announced

By Ish Sookun in openSUSE on 15 July 2020

Two weeks ago the openSUSE Election Committee set up an electronic petition to measure whether 20% of the community members are in favour of a re-election of the current elected Board Members. The result was published this morning on the project mailing list...

Podman - unable to pull image

By Ish Sookun in openSUSE on 14 July 2020

Today, while pulling the latest Nextcloud container image from the docker.io repository I noticed that it is failing. Looking at the read: connection reset by peer error I assume it could be primarily due to network failure; maybe poor quality of the connection...